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Episode 14 – In this episode (Part 1), Oxfordshire Teacher Training’s, Matthew Coatsworth, talks to Tom Sherrington about the writing process for his new book with Oliver Caviglioni, Teaching Walkthrus – Five-step Guides to Instructional Coaching

Teaching Walkthrus – Five-step Guides to Instructional Coaching is a fantastic new book by Tom Sherrington and Oliver Caviglioni. In our latest episode, Oxfordshire Teacher Training’s Matthew Coatsworth talks with Tom about the writing process, how key thinkers and key texts were chosen, and then delves in more deeply to explore the first three sections of the book.

Tom and Matthew’s conversation was too good to cut down to a single episode, so look out for part two of Walkthrus later in the year!

All Oxfordshire Teacher Training mentors and Associate Teachers should have received their own copy of the book – do contact us if you haven’t yet. But for anyone else, you can purchase the book directly from John Catt:


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