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Ever wondered what it’s like to train with us? Here’s what Katy and some of our other, current, Associate Teachers are saying!

Katy Toth

I am so thankful that I chose to train with the OTSA SCITT.  Their support and dedication to finding the right placement for me has been amazing.  They consider every Associate Teacher as an individual, helping to tailor the programme so that it will allow you to flourish into the teacher you want to be.  Being in the school from day one is particularly advantageous, although I was not thrown in at the deep end!  With the amazing training I received, focusing on theory and practice, I was well prepared for my life in the classroom.  I was supported every day by a dedicated mentor and the expert team at the SCITT, from whom I have learned so much that I will now take through to my NQT year.  I would recommend this route to anyone wanting to begin their career as a teacher – you will not look back! ​




Fortunata Oates

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Professional Learning Sessions which I feel are very timely.  I often have an issue that I need to be dealing with confidently and there is a session or a re-visit of an earlier session (eg. Behaviour) just when it is necessary to use the theory within my practice.  A good example of this is where I had been worrying about a child who would not engage with other children and would stand and stare into space for hours if I let him.  After the session on Metacognition and Self-regulated learning, I was able to find ways to support him by suggesting ways he can join in with other children and give him simple options to choose from.”





Gentiana Cole

“For me, the professional learning session on Knowledge, Task Design and Mid-Term Planning couldn’t have come at a better time.  After just having experienced my Assessment Point 2, at which my visiting tutor and mentor set the target of planning in sequences of lessons with a greater understanding of mid-term learning goals, I was struggling to find how to approach this.  During our central session, we explored exemplar schemes of work, looked at how to break down mid-term-planning, how not to over-plan and allow for post-reflection adaptation.  I came out of the session with greater confidence in knowing what to do next and how to call on placement colleagues for support.”





Cassie Pattendon

“I just wanted to say thank you to yourselves and the SCITT team for giving us the opportunity to hear all the amazing speakers today.  I have my AP2 tomorrow and I have felt very anxious about not being in placement the day before but after hearing from the speakers and yourselves today, I feel really positive and confident in my own abilities.  A great start to the year and good preparation for tomorrow.  After taking a comma today (!) and reflecting, I feel very lucky to be completing my teacher training with such an inspiring team who really care for our wellbeing and future careers.”





Sarah Rayfield

“In September 2016 I started a degree in Early Years at Abingdon and Witney college, choosing this course allowed me to work as well as going to university.  I had lectures for a full day and worked as a Teaching Assistant for the rest of the week.  Although hard work at times, working as a Teaching Assistant and completing my degree at the same time allowed me to gain experience in a primary school setting and helped me grow in confidence.  During these three years of my degree I built a fantastic relationship with the school, meaning when I considered the SCITT as an option I did not have to find a main placement school, they were already behind me in my journey to becoming a primary school teacher.  Having gained so much experience in my school already, I knew the salaried route was the one for me, I was ready to step in front of a class.  Taking the salaried route with the school I was already very familiar with, alongside the lectures at the central hub, is the best experience I could have asked for.”