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Graduation ceremony for OTT trainees

An informal graduation ceremony for our rather wonderful cohort of non-salaried trainees was held at The Cherwell School on Friday.

Programme leader Defne Boya gave a short speech congratulating the trainees for completing a course that was deliberately rigorous.

She recognised that there had been lows as well as highs during the year, but that the trainees had demonstrated great commitment and positivity.

They were, she concluded, among the nicest people ever.

OTT director Patrick Garton announced a self-imposed ban on him hugging trainees after photos from previous events had shown him looking less than natural.

He then spoke about the need for trainees to remember to make children feel special, important and empowered.

There was no ban on hugs from Defne when certificates were handed out.

Gifts were then presented by the trainees to the course leaders. Among the presents Defne received was a teddy bear. Patrick did not receive a bear, much to his disappointment.

The trainees and the course leaders then had a picnic lunch in the glorious North Oxford sunshine.

It was all a great success. And it will all happen again in a fortnight or so when the salaried cohort receive their certificates.