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Podcast Episode 2 – Education Myths


In this episode of the Oxfordshire Teacher Training podcast, Matthew Coatsworth and Tom Boulter (Director of Secondary Education at the River Learning Trust) investigate themes from ‘The ResearchED guide to Education Myths’ – a new book published by John Catt.

What is an educational myth? What happens when the underlying reason for teaching in a particular way is forgotten and all that remains is the superficial structure? What happens if a memorable experience does not lead to memorable learning? What is ResearchED?

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Tom Boulter is on twitter at https://twitter.com/tomboulter

‘The ResearchED guide to Education Myths’ is edited by Craig Barton, series editor Tom Bennett, published by John Catt ISBN 978-1-912906-39-0

Tom Boulter also mentions ‘Seven Myths about Education’ by Daisy Christodoulou, published by Routledge ISBN 978-0-415-74682-3

Michelle Gillespie