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Yoga Anyone? Brian shares his thoughts on the post-Super Thursday decompression yoga sessions laid on by the SCITT

“After the previous Super Thursday sessions on well-being, I attended the free yoga session straight after.  The day had been filled with interesting, useful and thought-provoking information and ideas. What, perhaps, I hadn’t realised until reaching the exit was just how both emotionally charged and drained I felt simultaneously.  The yoga session couldn’t have come at a better moment.  Just to focus on where to place limbs and when to breathe for an hour gave a distance to the day’s content and brought a tranquillity to the emotions.  That’s not to say it was easy though – my arms were shaking at times, and my abs protested most of the following day!  But my head was clearer – that’s for certain.  I’d recommend it wholeheartedly to all.”